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Over the last few years the Biblioteca Terra Livre has concentrated efforts for the dissemination of anarchist ideas in a great variety of spaces. We aim to propagate anarchist thought through material research, such as books, pamphlets, films etc, as well as through organization of public activities like film clubs, debates, seminars, fairs and conferences. In the last two years we have put together the International Colloquium “Élisée Reclus and Geography of the New World”, in 2011, together with the Laboratory of Political Geography of the Universidade de São Paulo, and participate also in the 2012 International Colloquium of Anarchist Education: 100 years of The Modern School of São Paulo. This second symposium had no institutional support or participation and it was organized only by members of the Biblioteca Terra Livre and by the help of some comrades.

Another important aspect in the organization of this second symposium was the participation of many individuals and groups through a collective sharing of expenses to attend and share their experiences and practices. The event included the participation of members of the Fédération Anarchiste Francophone, Grupo de Estudios José Domingo Goméz Rojas (Chile), Federación Libertaria Argentina (FLA), Ateneu Heber Nieto (Uruguay), as well as individuals and groups from different parts of Brazil.

The experience from this meeting encouraged us to try to go further. In November of this year we will hold the International Colloquium on Science and Anarchism, in order to stimulate the production of scientific knowledge from an anarchist perspective. Our intention is to enable a large and diverse audience to reflect on traditional areas of knowledge production in a way that has been notably absent. The purpose of the symposium is the reflection that anarchism, beyond its perspective of theoretical analysis and knowledge production, is also a practice of organization, where through self-organization groups and individuals support each other to ensure collective action.

We understand that traveling to Sao Paulo is very costly and requires a lot of effort, but we believe that the possibilities that can be created are extremely rewarding. In order to try to facilitate economic support and expand the opportunities for dialogue and action, we are also organizing on the eve of the conference, the 4th Anarchist Fair of São Paulo. We hope that with the realization of the Anarchist Fair, in conjunction with the Colloquium, we can enable a wide possibility of exchanges and contacts during the period as well as the possibility for each group and individual that seeks economic support to sell some materials during both Fair and Colloquium.

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